Jubilee Centre is a Zambian Christian NGO, working to empower churches, communities and their leaders to grow spiritually, flourish physically and have a voice in the world.

We aim to take make a trip to Zambia alternate years. The last trip was in July 2016 so we plan to visit again in 2018. If you are interested in being one of the team then please do speak with Neil or someone who has been before to find out more.

In July 2016 a group of 10 of us visited friends at Jubilee Centre and Christian Kings Church and several other communities.  We had teams including… Health (and women’s issues), Leadership training, Education and Farming.  Read more about what we did and the impact it had on us all here. Team reflections from trip July 2016

St Nicolas’ relationship with Jubilee Centre has grown since 2011.  Groups from St Nicolas visit Jubilee Centre every two years and Jubilee Centre staff have visited us too.  These visits have been life changing.  We have learned a lot about what being open to the community means through seeing the work of Jubilee Centre and its partner churches in Zambia.

We’ve been inspired to get involved by hosting African evenings at church, so far the money raised has been used to fund a chicken farm and as start-up capital for a small business that has enabled an unpaid HIV worker to support herself and her family.

St Nicolas has a particular link with Christian Kings Church in Ndola.  We pray for each other and support each other in a number of ways and communicate frequently by Facebook.

Click here for the latest news from Zambia.

St Nicolas church supports Jubilee Centre financially as part of our Outward Giving programme.