Making a Difference Internationally

Jesus had a particular connection with people who were living in poverty, outcast or marginalised. We aim to follow his example by working directly with charities and communities globally for a fairer world.

Jubliee Centre, Zambia

Click here to find out more about our special relationship with Jubilee Centre and Christian Kings Church in Zambia.

Jubilee Centre Zambia St Nicolas Earley

Dolls knitted by St Nicolas ladies arrive in Ndola

Christian Aid

Christian AidWe support Christian Aid campaigns throughout the year, encouraging people to engage with issues such as tax justice.  During Christian Aid Week we organise door to door collections and have a cake sale.  We use Christian Aid’s prayers frequently in our services.


A number of members of the St Nicolas community are actively involved in projects working for peace and security for Palestine and Israel.  Raising the issue is one of the priorities for our Justice, Peace and Environment Group.

This year as part of our Outward Giving Programme 2016 we are supporting the Amos Trust Malnutrition Project in Gaza,  a programme run by the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem at Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza, which is effectively addressing the significant and increasing problem of malnutrition in children

Other Projects

St Nicolas Iraq Syria charity clothing

Collecting clothing for Iraqi and Syrian refugees (Samara’s Aid Appeal)