st nicolas home groupsHome Groups are small groups of around 8 -12 people who meet fortnightly, sometmes in person, sometimes online to explore faith, make friends and support each other. Home Groups are an ideal way of getting involved in the life of St Nicolas church. We have 7 home groups, with 58 members in total. The groups meet at different times during the week.

Going Deeper began as a result of a course in Doctrine which was run in our church by the Diocese, and which several of our congregation attended. Meeting monthly to explore doctrinal and theological issues, aware that we are only scratching the surface and that we don’t (and can’t) have all the answers. It is a safe space to bring difficult questions and profound insights can come from anyone within the group.

St Nicolas Digital Home Group Meet on zoom, the code is 889 6091 8252.

We welcome new members, and you are very welcome, whether you want to come every session or ‘dip in and out’.  For more information, please contact April on