At St Nicolas, Holy Communion, the sharing of bread and wine is at the heart of our worship and everyone who would like to receive is welcome to.

On Sundays

8am  Communion: a said service with a talk (45 mins)
This is a smaller, quieter service with more space and stillness, prayers and a talk.  It is friendly and open to all.  It is a wonderful start for those who have a busy day ahead.  There are no hymns and no children’s groups at this service.  You are welcome to stay for refreshments after the service.

10am  Holy Communion (75 mins)
This is a livelier service, with songs, traditional and modern, prayers, and a talk.  It is family friendly with an area with activities and toys for younger members of the congregation

There is always prayer support available after every 10am service.  You’ll people ready to listen and pray with you, confidentially, for whatever’s on your mind.

After the service there are refreshments and lots of people stay to chat.

During the Week

Wednesdays at 11.00am Communion and Coffee
A communion service with songs and a talk, and a friendly group of people that stay around for refreshments

Other information

If you are new to St Nicolas, or new to church, click here for more details of what our services look like and information about accessibility.