We already have lots of things going on at St Nicolas and now we can provide more spaces  where people can meet.

FAMILIES We want to build on our current activities for families. We have a central meeting area where parents and carers can come and meet socially.  We provide activities such as parent support, after school clubs and holiday club as well as continuing to be a popular venue for parties and social occasions.

YOUNG PEOPLE We know there is a local issue about children and young people spending long hours at home on their own and on social media. Both parents often have to work in a family. We provide space for children and young people to meet up or attend activities after school, in the evenings and at weekends, giving them opportunities for face-face relationships.

ADULTS In an area where many work from home we provide a space to relax, socialize or have meetings. Over 50’s, SNAC, Board games café, WI, Flower club, Mothers Union are all groups currently meeting at St Nicolas.  The elderly can be isolated and far from relatives and we hope to form partnerships with charities and organisations.

WELLBEING AND MENTAL HEALTH The hall is an ideal space for exercise classes and yoga etc., helping us in our wellbeing. Having more rooms gives the opportunity for specialist activities such as counselling, debt advice, bereavement support, and marriage guidance.

We are also pleased to say our new building is fully accessible to all.