prayers recently “hands building the church as we care for each other”

If you are excited about or vision, we invite you to invest yourself through the resources God has given you- your prayers, energy and cash!

  • PRAY see below for some examples
  • DONATE one off or regularly; we really do need help to make this happen
  • JOIN A TEAM We have divided into several teams to manage the project call the office or speak with Neil (vicar) Libby (associate priest), Ben (curate) or Emma (Lay Minister)
  • ENQUIRE ABOUT RENTING THE SPACE We hope this centre will be used by all the community
  • ENQUIRE ABOUT ANY OF THE GROUPS MENTIONED – you may want to volunteer for current activities or be interested in helping new groups as part of our future plans
  • PARTNER WITH US If you are a charity or organisation, please let us know if you are interested in partnering with us in some way, if you think The St Nicolas Centre would be appropriate for your use then please get in touch


Prayers for the St Nicolas Centre

Dear God
Help and guide us as we seek to demonstrate that God is with and for all people.
May our new buildings and all that goes on in and around
them bring your light and love to all.
Loving Lord, be in the big decisions and the small details
so that all we do is for your glory and the good of our community.
Heavenly Father,
direct us in developing the St Nicolas Centre project;
inspire us to understand which groups in our community we can help the best, and how;
guide our steps in raising the funds to enable us to do the things you want us to do;
be in the planning, tendering and building processes;
inspire willing hands and hearts to give generously of their time, talents and money;
give us courage, steadfastness and kind heartedness to each other
as we meet the challenges that will surely come;
help us keep us alert to your will, with our eyes fixed on the vision
you have given us for this place.
Bless the St Nicolas Centre
and all it will provide for our local community.
Fill us with the wisdom, energy and resources we need.


Find Out More

Talk to us Ring the vicar Ring the vicar

let us know what you can do – contact the office to talk to us or ring the vicar (Neil) using the links above