Bever Been Before - St Nicolas Church Earley - Reading BershireWelcome!

This is a guide to what you might expect at any of our services.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Everyone is welcome at St Nicolas. We are informal in how we look but we take our faith seriously.  People from very different church traditions have found a home at St Nicolas.

There are people on the door to welcome you and give you everything you’ll need for the service

  • If you’re not sure where to sit, the welcomers at the front door can help you choose somewhere
  • For most services you’ll get a service booklet to follow.  There will some points in the service for the congregation to join in, and they are shown in bold type in the booklet.  In some services these responses are sung.  It’s OK if you don’t want to join in
  • We have large print booklets, hymn books and Bibles if you need them
  • There will be songs and hymns at all services except at 8 o’clock on Sunday Morning.   Welcomers will give you a hymn book.  The hymn numbers are on a board at the front, and will be announced as we go through the service.  Occasionally we’ll have the words on the screen instead.  We like a mix of traditional and contemporary songs
  • We have a great music team at St Nicolas.  As well as the organ, we have a piano and the multi-instrumental music group plays at some services.  We also have a singing group that contribute to some services
  • When you come into church, you’ll also be given a Sunday Sheet which tells you what’s going on this week and has prayers and a psalm for the week
  • About one third of our congregation is made up of children and young people.  You can find out more about our children’s groups here.  But if your children prefer to be in the service, that’s fine.  There are books and colouring packs for younger children in the church and a creche in the lounge (which is the room connecting the church with the centre)
  • At some point in the service we take a voluntary collection of money. Everything that goes on at St Nicolas is funded through donations and money we raise through events and renting the hall. During one of the hymns, people pass a small basket along their row to one another.  The donation of money can go into this.  You do not have to give anything
  • There is a hearing loop in church for people with hearing aids
  • There are plenty of toilets, facilities for people with disabilities and baby changing facilities.
  • After most services, many people stay around to chat.  We serve Fairtrade tea, coffee and biscuits – it’s free.  There’s also water or squash for those who prefer

To download:  a visual guide to the church