“We are seeking justice for all”

St Nicolas Core Values

Jesus had a particular connection with people who were living in poverty, outcast or marginalised. We aim to follow his example by working directly in our local community and with charities and communities globally for a fairer world.

Our Justice Environment and Peace Group (JPEG) meets regularly to look at social justice and environmental issues on behalf of the whole church, but of course many people are involved with other organisations individually.  We welcome new members.

St Nicolas Justice Peace and Environment

Jerusalem Poppies

JPEG’s priorities for 2016 are:

  • Building better relationships with people of the Muslim faith in our community
  • Palestine and Israel, and working with other churches in Reading to become Kairos communities
  • Campaigning for peace
  • Addressing poverty and its causes in our community
  • Links with the Jubilee Centre and in particular Christian Kings Church in Zambia
  • Climate change
  • Response to the refugee crisis