Here is a selection of some questions that we think may be helpful for you to know the answers!

Please feel you can contact Neil the vicar, John Louth and Robert Bryce our wardens, Vicki in the office, or any of the congregation and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

How can I book the Hall? We are working on software to make it easier but for now please contact Vicki in the office on 0118 966 9080 and she will take details. Also you can e mail her on – she will get back to you with information #

What spaces can I hire and how much will they cost? PLEASE CHECK WITH THE OFFICE 0118 966 9080 or 20% reduction for charities and also Regular User rates vary. We have some mission partners who are using the centre for free.

  • PAT DUMMER HALL and kitchen – £20-26 an hour
  • SMALL HALL £12-15
  • CONFERENCE ROOM £9:60- 12
  • MEETING ROOM £4-5 
  • CHURCH £10-21

The Welcome area is not for hire as this is the main entrance but you are welcome to use it if you are using any other room in the St Nicolas Centre
The Lounge is also not for hire as its a walkway through to the church
The Office and Senior team reserve the right to accept or refuse any booking. Church activities will take priority especially at festival time. There are a set of Terms and Conditions that need to be signed before using any of the spaces.

Where will the children’s groups meet on a Sunday morning? In the St Nicolas Centre, God Squad in the main Pat Dummer Hall, Focus and Focus Plus are in the small hall (currently together), Creche is in the lounge (room adjacent to the church)

How much more money do we need to raise? We still need to raise roughly £60,000 to reach our target of £1.3 Million Please see DONATIONS and make a gift.

Can I come and have a coffee at the St Nicolas Centre?  Yes… please come and bring friends. You are welcome any time the centre is open (9 apm to 9pm most days). Please put donations for tea and coffee in the pot in the Welcome area and leave it as you find it… thank you.

What was “phase 2”? We gave priority to the community and therefore put all our money into the Hall and additional rooms. We would love to complete the vision by updating the church, making a little prayer chapel where the entrance to the church used to be, have new blinds on the windows and some new screens. Also take out the old kitchen and replace with some small meeting rooms.

What is happening in the garden? We are excited to be planning a new community garden, a contemplative walk and prayer garden, an area for sitting out when its nice and more. Watch this space for more news!