Time: 10.00am

Posted on 30th April 2021, by Vicki Procko

Join 5 of the churches in Earley and Lower Earley for a treasure hunt in support of Christian Aid!  Visit each of the 5 churches that are taking part.  Try to walk or cycle rather than drive. See how many footpaths you can find. You can do the treasure hunt at any time between Friday May 14th and Sunday May 16th. Two letters, and a question to think about, will be on display at each of the 5 churches. Note down the letters, and when you have all 10, rearrange the letters to work out the secret place (2 words) where the treasure is located! (If you do not know where it is, try googling the place name!  Or failing that ring Steve on 079415 43213!) The treasure can be found at this secret place on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th between 4 and 5.30 pm.

The 5 churches:  St Peter’s, Salvation Army, Trinity, Brookside and St Nicolas.  You can find them all on the map overleaf.  The walking/cycling distance is just under 5 miles.

Christian Aid helps the needy of all faiths and none, and is collecting money to mitigate drought caused by climate change in Kenya, enabling water storage systems to be built by the affected villages.

Please donate generously via one of these options:

Use the QR code,

 Or phone 080 006 006        

 Or  use this link : https://giving.tapsimple.org/online/christian-aid/earley-treasure-hunt-a5486

Blue line shows one possible route.

  • St Peter’s Church, Church Road  RG6 1EY
  • St Nicolas Church, Sutcliffe Ave RG6 7NJ
  • Brookside Church, Brookside Close RG6 7HG
  • Salvation Army, Chalfont Close RG6 5HZ
  • Trinity Church, Chalfont CloseRG6 5HZ