Who is it for? 14-18 year olds

When? 10am during term time on Sundays, except for Everyone Together services

Where? St Nic’s church hall and then over to the vicarage

What is it? A place to meet and ask questions and explore the Christian Faith together – you don’t have to have made up  your mind… just come along and join in the discussion. There is usually plenty of food too!!! The two questions we ask (while having lots of fun) are…

“What difference does it make to be a Christian in my life”
“What difference does it make to be a Christian in the world?”

Games, DVDs, music, discussion, brainstorming, flip charts, post its, film, you-tube clips, art and drama, social evenings and trips

Everyone is welcome

Leader…  Andy Barlow (and Julia Jones and Helen Warwick)
Youth wardens… Naomi Koefman and Daniel Raggett

For more info contact the office or come along!