We see a day when everyone in Earley

is open to God, open to one another, open to the community


We are followers of Christ

who believe and seek to demonstrate

that God is with and for all people.


These are the values that we hold at St Nicolas and would always want to be known for.

We are God centred

If it wasn’t for God we would not be here. We want the character and values of Jesus Christ to be the bedrock of who we are as a church. We have Holy Communion at the heart of our worship where everyone is welcome to receive.

We are open and friendly

We come as we are and anyone else can do the same. We are serious about our faith but don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe God loves and welcomes everyone – we try to do the same.

We are supportive

We try to support people in the good times and the bad. This support may be for a person in our congregation, in the local community or further afield.

We are seeking justice for all

Jesus had a particular connection with people who were living in poverty, outcast or marginalised. We aim to follow his example by working directly, with charities and with communities for a fairer world.