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We are a thriving, lively and growing church in the heart of Earley and we welcome visitors and newcomers to any service. We worship the God who is made known to us in the person of Jesus Christ, and we seek to follow Christ as best we can. We acknowledge that Jesus had a particular interest in the poor, the outcast and the marginalised. We seek to hold fast to that same calling.

Our yearning is to see "God's kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven". In order to achieve what we can towards that great vision, we have set out the following aim for ourselves:
                                      * to be open to God
                                      * to be open to one another
                                      * to be open to the community

On the pages of this website you can begin to form an opinion as to how well we try to meet those aims. However, the best way to find out just who we are and how we go about living out those aims, is to come and see. You will find a young and dynamic community - most weekends our congregation is one quarter children and young people. We value the contributions of the young and put them alongside the experience and expertise offered by those who are older. We seek to value each individual as a person of unique worth made in the image of God, thus we welcome anyone to any service.

We would love to welcome you any Sunday or Wednesday.

Neil Warwick
0118 966 5060
Libby Newman
0118 321 8322
Associate Clergy:

David Webster
Maureen Devine
0118 979 4568
0118 921 2767
Licensed Lay
Minister (LLM):
Emma Major
0118 907 6216

Peter Kemm
Kate Hubbard
0118 966 3255
0118 986 9907
Parish Office: Wendy Neale wendy@stnicolas.org.uk 0118 966 9080
  (Contact for baptisms and banns of marriage)

St Nicolas is a Fairtrade Church   

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We are a living wage employer

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  Jubilee Centre
  Alexander Devine Hospice Services